Jul 18, 2012

A Number of Things...

Well, it's been a crazy few months. First of all, I went back to work full-time the day my baby turned 3 months old! I look at it a few different ways. All you stay-at-home moms, be so thankful. I wish for nothing more than to be at home all day every day with my Leni. I miss her so much while I'm working away in the corporate world. I love being a mom more than I ever could have imagined. I love everything about it, even after wiping the spit-up off my shirt for the 10th time that day...am I the only one that doesn't have any clean shirts because they've been spit-up on, thrown up on, wiped drool from my baby's face then wiped it on my shirt because it's already been spit-up on? I wasn't sure how I would feel when my baby was born, whether I would just want to spend every minute with her or whether I would relish time away for a little break for adult interaction and creative challenges. But right now, it's most definitely the former, but I can understand how things might change depending on what type of kid you have or how many, you know? So, stay-at-home moms, I envy you.

On the other hand, I am so blessed to have my job! It has allowed me some great flexibility to stay at home and work a few days out of the week. It is a challenge, but I honestly probably get more work done at home taking care of a baby than in the office ;). I couldn't be happier with my schedule and I feel like it's the perfect balance and we are meeting our needs as a family. Plus, I really do love the work I do and the challenges that come with it. All in all, I love the days I work from home because I can still be the caretaker for Leni, but I look forward to the days in the office for a little bit of social interaction (I have THE best co-workers/friends!) and I can really put my head down and knock out some tasks. Plus, I am so blessed to have Chris' Mom to watch Leni the days I am in the office! Perfect balance for right now.

Second of all, my dear Dad suffered a heart attack and went in for an emergency 5-bypass surgery! This all happened over the 4th of July holiday, things were a bit stressful for a few days, but now my Dad is recovering at their home in Bear Lake while my Mom tries to keep him from doing too much :). I am so thankful my Heavenly Father blessed our family with so many miracles!

The photos above are from a mini shoot a few days after Leni's blessing. She was 7 weeks old. Don't you love her dress!? Chris said it looks like a pillowcase. It totally does, but I love it! Both her dress and booties were purchased from Etsy and I made her headband especially for the occasion.


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Unknown said...

So great to hear of your family's updates! Leni is so cute and you guys look amazing! Sorry to hear about your dad but I'm glad he's doing better.