May 26, 2012

Leni is 3 Months Old!

• Quite the chatter box
• Hates belly time
• Smiles often
• Occasionally giggles
• Rarely fusses
• Sleeps 4-5 hours at night
• Stands up with some help
• Loves to sing with Dad
• Great cat-napper
• Cutest face ever
• Loves to suck on her fingers
• Interested in everything 

Oh how we love this baby girl.


bucknmegan2 said...

I can't believe she is three months already! She is looking more and more like her mommy.

Jennie Kunz said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Cutest little baby ever!! I can't believe she's 3 months?!! She's darling!

Chelsie said...

She really is so beautiful!! We should get together for dinner sometime.

Brittney Wimmer said...

Look at the face! Are you kidding me!?! She is so dang adorable! I think she looks so sweet and happy though because she's so lucky to have you guys for her parents!