May 16, 2012

Fly Fishing

Chris and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 13th was Mother's Day! My first Mother's Day as a mother! So special. Chris surprised me with some brand new waders and I finally got to try them out today! We headed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon for some fly fishing. He took the day off before I start work again and things aren't so flexible. We had such a great time (even though I didn't catch any fish)! Leni was awesome. As always. Here are some pictures from our fun day.

Chris caught two fish, here's one of them.

Yep. That's me fishing with a baby.

Leni with Daddy.

Testing the new waders out! I have been wanting some forever so I can tromp through the rivers now!

Skunked :(

But, we saw 2 moose.

And it was a gorgeous day!


Idaho Penningtons said...

It was so fun to see you and your cute baby! What fun she will have with you two as her parents!

Brittney Wimmer said...

I love that you fished with Leni! And I love that you own your own waders. I used my brothers forever and they're huge on me! You look totally stylish now!