Apr 10, 2012

Hotdogs & S'mores!

I love s'mores. It might be the whole reason I love campfires (because I hate smelling like one). Since the weather was going to be nice, I got the idea of going up the canyon to roast hotdogs, do tinfoil dinners and roast s'mores. We got together with some friends at second dam and had a great time!

Just strapped the babe in and she slept for a good part of the night!

Chris did a little flyfishing.

Do you love her monkey suit!? So darling and look at that face, she definitely loves it!

Good friends, good food and definitely some good chocolate.

Leni gets absolutely mesmerized by fire :)

This little outing got me very excited for summer. I love that the weather is getting warmer, we had such a great time! I would love to go camping this summer with Leni, but how do you do that with a baby? Do you take babies camping? I would love to hear your experience if you took your little one camping. Yay for summer approaching!


Shels said...

yay for campfires, warm weather and camping!
We are planning on going camping with Josie...just get a tent thats big enough for you and her pack-n-play, then you'll be set! At least we hope so....we'll let you know how it goes. :)

Matt and Suzanne said...

Oh, I miss mountains! Leni is so adorable. Just love her. Maybe someday she and Bella can be friends:)

Jennie Kunz said...

FUN!!! and YUM!! I agree campfire food is the best. . . but smelling like one is the worst!

Chace and Shareesa said...

The playpen is awesome, but if you don't have room, you can take the boppy and prop her in that all wrapped up, or have her sleep in the carseat. We did both with Baylor. We took him on a 10-day camping trip to Canada when he was 6 weeks old & he was amazing! You can pick our brains anytime!