Apr 2, 2012

First Trip to Bear Lake

Chris and I took our little Leni to Bear Lake for the first time! It was sort of an exciting event. All baby's "firsts" are exciting, right?! After all, Bear Lake is where Chris and I met (spesh!) and where Nana & Papa's house is. We've spent so much time at Bear Lake and we love it! 10 out of 12 cousins were there for the weekend (we missed you E & J). I can't wait until Leni is old enough to be thrown into the mix. She has one cousin buddy who is just a few months older so it will be fun to see them grow and play together. I feel so blessed to live close to family so we can get together often and the cousins LOVE seeing each other. I hope Leni grows to love Bear Lake as much as we do. :)

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