Jun 13, 2011

Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada!

We are currently in the city of Kimberley, British Columbia. People call it the "Bavarian City of the Rockies" for it's German/European feel that is so prominent throughout the town. Who knew!? I am in love. I tried to do some research on the history of Kimberley to see where or why the nickname came about, but I found nothing. Hmmm...I'm baffled, eh?

This area is absolutely breathtaking. The mountains are insanely beautiful and the trees are never-ending. The pictures posted won't even give it justice. Chris served part of his mission in this area, so we've been exploring sights and visiting a few people. Today, we saw a couple of different waterfalls and the nearby towns of Cranbrook and Fort Steele. We also went on a British Columbian "safari" in the bush. We had so much fun!

Bavarian Bratwurst Plate

Lemon Curry Chicken

Panna Cotta dessert - Whoa, amazing.
Loved the attention to detail for the plate presentation.
Bavarian details in the Platzl

Welcome! Look at those mountains behind us!
Happy Hanz! This is apparently the mascot of the city?
Marysville Falls.
Can you see Chris on that bridge in the distance?

Safari with the Mallard's. I was happy/sad we didn't see any bears through our 20 mile trek through the woods.

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