Jun 15, 2011

Canadian Wildlife

Hello from Banff, Alberta! We are chillaxin' in our hotel room after a long day of adventure, but I wanted to share some photos of the seriously, awesome wildlife we've been seeing. I never thought I would tire of seeing a bear in the wilderness! But....I'm getting there. Once you've seen one within 3 feet, one in the distance just doesn't cut it anymore. We've seen multiple bears since being here. Actually, they have signs warning hikers to travel in large groups on the trails for more protection. Chris and I found ourselves on a secluded trail today and wish we had some bear bells. You should have heard us hollering through the forest so we didn't sneak up on a bear. HAHA! Enjoy the photos!

That's me in the side mirror of our car. The bear was literally 3 feet away! A cute, little, cuddly baby bear! Mama was way down the road and didn't seem to mind me taking pictures. :)

The bears seemed to like the dandelions. I love this pic! He's going for a dandelion, although it looks like he is growling at me.

The big grizzly! We spotted him about 50 yards away from the road and then followed him for a little while once he got closer to the road. It was so fun to watch him! Look at those claws. Yikes.

This is the same grizzly in the earlier picture. You can see some cars pulled over to take photos, but he really didn't seem to mind. Except for a grey mazda that did a U-turn (while the bear was on the side of the road) and the bear took a few fast steps toward the car and swatted at it! It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. I think the bear thought the car was heading for him.

We've seen lots and lots of bighorn sheep.

An elk right next to the road.

See how close we were!?

This was on our mini British Columbia safari through the woods. There was a whole herd of elk running by. :)

And...a little chipmunk coming to see what kind of food Chris has.

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