May 4, 2011


Do you ever just feel plain old overwhelmed? I do. All the time.

There are so many things I want to do in life and I cannot pick just one focus, so my life ends up being all over the place, changing my mind from day to day.

For instance, today I want to buy a beach cruiser bike ($200) and ride it to work everyday. For fun. And exercise. Slash train for the triathlon ($50) that I just signed up for. And then in between my stack training I want Rosetta Stone Italian ($500). Or Spanish ($500). Or both. Then I want to build a bazillion websites ($time=$?) and perfect wordpress (time=$?)...because I want to! I want to build iPhone apps and I know I can if I took the time. Then I'll be a millionaire because I'll have created the most awesomest app ever next to Angry Birds (time=$millionare?). I have this amazing vision in my head for a built-in bookshelf and I have the perfect spot for it in my house ($100). I want to paint my bathroom grey ($25) and do a dark wall in our bedroom ($25). There's always photography that I love ($time). I want to buy an older home with charm and character with a brick face and hardwood floors ($150,000). I want to move anywhere but Utah ($job?*>). Oh yeah, I also want to get a TEFL certificate ($2,000) so we can move abroad. ($10,000). No biggy.

My wishes = $163,400 and jobless.

Should I:

A. Paint the bathroom
B. Build a website
C. Go eat a crepe

Thanks, I'm glad we had this chat.


Shae Edwards said...

Jen, I love you!!! You are always so fun to follow! my vote - Go eat a crepe! ha

Trisha said...

Oh Jen, can i just say I miss you so much (and the rest of ultra cube!) I think you should do everything, life's too short for regrets. My advice, start with the amazingly awesome app that will make you millions, then you can do everything else you want to! But if I can only pick from A, B, or C then I pick A- Paint the bathroom! Have fun!

P.S. I am coming to visit you guys this week!