May 20, 2011

Girls' Night

My Mom planned a girls' night for me, my sister and SIL. We had tons of fun. We went out to eat and then my Mom treated us to pedicures! She is so sweet. I am glad they all made the drive from Bear Lake so we could party in the big city. I love my sisters. We also made a new friend, Danine! I hope she reads this blog and I hope someone buys her house. We also broke into a house in the hills in which you needed a ski lift to get up the driveway (inside joke!). Love you gals. Thanks Mom!

Here are some photos from our pedis. We all did a shade of purple for Crohn's Disease awareness. My sister has been battling Colitis for over 10 years and it is not a fun disease. You can read her blog, Chronically Loved, for more information on living with Crohn's.

Which toes are mine?


Jennie Kunz said...

SO FUN!! I love your Mom!

Forever Young said...

Nothing is more fun than a girls night with your sisters, mom, and friends. Looked like a good time:) Sorry to hear about your sister, that is too bad. Thanks for making others aware, people seem to forget the silent suffering of those around them. Oh... and I guess your feet are in the middle;)