Apr 26, 2011

Dreaming About Summer

Well, we had a fabulous Easter. I even got to go on an egg hunt (which I totally still love). Just ask my siblings....they still make fun of me because as the last kid left at home, I did egg hunts age 15-18. It never gets old!

We spent Easter in Bear Lake with my family. 8 of the 10 grandkids represented so it was quite a party. Between dyeing the eggs, stuffing the eggs, hiding the eggs, and telling stories about Jesus we did manage to relax. AND...it was sort of warm enough to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Speaking of sunshine (it's been awhile), spring has got me excited for SUMMER!

I am dreaming about these things:

1. Actually feeling warm outside and not having to be bundled in at least 7 layers.

2. Bear Lake summers including, but not limited to: Yogging in the mountains, swimming in the lake, Quick~n~Tasty chicken sandwiches, berry bowl's 2 for 1 family night special, bloomington lake (i've got to do the rope swing!), biking from Funtime to the KOA, early morning hot cocoas from the Texa-ho, sunrises over the lake, Hometown chicken phillies, softball games, taking photos of various wildlife, mcphie family reunion, laying on the beach (if there is one) and making friends with people with sailboats.

3. The end.

I basically just want to feel warm...very soon.


Forever Young said...

Amen... I can't wait to go running outside without my throat burning from the cold. Are you guys going to be living in the Bear Lake area again this summer? FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Unknown said...

I love warm weather!! The great thing is that in Houston, TX where I live... it's already hot! I wish it would stay like this all summer :o) But it's only going to get hotter!