Apr 6, 2011

Digitizing 8mm Film

For the past few weeks Chris has been tackling his Mom's 8mm film stockpile and digitizing each roll. He borrowed a projector (the bulb in his Mom's projector burnt out and they cost $100 to replace!) and has filmed each roll with our digital camera. Then he's taken it into Final Cut Pro and edited out the unimportant parts. Since there is no sound, his Mom will do a voice over about who's who for the record. I think it's pretty amazing. I love watching the footage, it's so vintage.

I almost started to cry when I saw little Chris learning to walk! He is so darling. I'm so glad he's taken the time to film these so we can treasure it until DVD's go out of style. :)

I grew up with a VHS video camera and need to figure out how to convert all those to DVD. I think it's important to do and feel the pressure of our generation to figure out all this technical stuff. I consider it part of genealogy. I would appreciate any tips if you have started doing this! :)

Cheers! Here's little Chris with a newborn colt. Look at that blonde hair!