Mar 31, 2011

The Amazing Race!

I dream about being on that show someday. We actually applied, but I guess we're not weird enough. And we decided you must have the ability to be described in 2 words; "the cowboys" "the detectives" "the goths" "father/daughter" "the asians" "the redheads" "gay brothers", etc. I told a co-worker about my dream and his reply was, "Well, it's really hard work." As if I'm not up for the challenge, do you know who I am? I make everything fun, even hard work. Plus...we'd win.

Last week I went to San Francisco for work. I got to show off a product I've been helping develop for the past two months at a huge international fitness expo and our floor happened to be right next to the Zumba floor. I was tempted to do Zumba all day. It looked so fun!

It was pouring rain the last day of the conference and I was pretty disheveled/soaked from Nat and I's run from the hotel, both trying to huddle under a tiny umbrella. We made it inside and were walking toward our section when I see Phil Keoghan!!!!!! Phil Keoghan!!! There he was. The host of the Amazing Race. So, I marched right up to him and asked him why I haven't gotten on the show yet?

Alright, I'm lying. I was soaking wet, rain on my face, on my glasses and I went up to him and just asked if I could get my picture with him. I told him I was a huge fan and blah blah blah...can't remember all I said. He had two guys kind of hanging around him and I'm not sure if they were body guards or what not, but I guess they didn't think I was too big of a security risk so I got my picture with Phil Keoghan. Made my day. I knew he would be around since he was a speaker at the conference, but I never dreamed I would get my picture with him and actually meet him.

Oh yah, and about being all wet and rainy. Before Natali snapped the picture with my iPhone, Phil Keoghan asked if I wanted to wipe the sweat off my face and clean up a little before the photo. Hah! At least I hope he was kidding. If not, super embarrassing.


Forever Young said...

Oh my gosh... you totally should have said the prior... ha ha. Can you imagine? That is awesomet that you got a picture with Phil. I have been checking out a lot of the photoes from the conference, a couple of my other friends had some up too. Looked like a blast! I love all things fitness--a little obssessed would probably be a better way to describe it. Ha, I guess there are worse things:)

The Bucks said...

I have your tag line that will get you on the race: "The Mormons".

Cordie said...

Pretty cool! I have never really watched that show,maybe I should check it out.

Unknown said...

That is so neat! Maybe it is a sign :o) !!! It would be fun to travel around the world on that show!