Feb 27, 2011

Chris' 30th Birthday Party!

I threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Chris and it was such an awesome party because it wasn't just any party, it was a mustache party. Because mustaches are just plain awesome. Der.

I had a blast planning this party and an even better time trying to keep it a surprise. Even though he found out about the party, the theme was still a surprise. The party was at our local Cafe Sabor. Here are the invites I designed and sent out:

The mustaches were super fun to make.

Here is the entry way table lined with mustaches for the guests in case they didn't have one.

The tables all set up.

There were little centerpieces filled with starbursts and stuffed with mustaches.

Cupcakes with mustache toppers.

The best part of the night was right before we walked into Cafe Sabor, I reached into my purse and pulled out a mustache for Chris. He was just laughing, I'm not sure what he was thinking! But I was so happy to walk in the room and see about 30 people braving mustaches! I was more excited than him (maybe because of my re-occuring nightmares of nobody showing up).

Mustaches are spectacular.


Mandy said...

That looks so fun! I definitely need to get more creative with my parties.

Forever Young said...

I have decided that you are awesome. What cool invites, and what a creative idea. Love it!!!