Jan 12, 2011


"You Twit Face" - Conan

Chris and I attended the C.V. Social Media Club "Tweet Up" at Cafe Sabor last night. Let me just say, I love all things social media. I can't get enough of it. The Social Media Club is a collaboration of SM experts, people who make a living from SM, and people who are just interested/passionate. We discuss interesting social media topics and network with other Cache Valleyites. This time around, Doug Thompson and Nick Dragon were our guest speakers. They manage the social media relations of the Logan Regional Hospital and the McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden. They discussed their success/failures in social media, specifically on Facebook and Twitter and the challenging differences between "friends" and "followers". Good stuff!

If you are interested in social media, I would definitely suggest becoming a member of the club. It's all about joining our social media forces and networking. Plus, you learn a ton and it's super fun. And...it's the one place I don't feel rude pulling out my phone to tweet :)

My favorite site for social media news and information: Mashable.com

Yay for SM.

PS: Here's the Conan gig where he coins, "youtwitface"

Image at top via flickr

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