Jan 20, 2011

Valentine Exchange

I don't know what I've done. I signed up for this Valentine Exchange while I was delirious or when I had this fantasy about having tons of time on my hands. Despite being challenged in the craft world, I am actually excited about it. Sometimes people assume that I will automatically be talented with handmade things because I am a designer. I like to work with my mouse and a computer and sometimes paper and a pencil, but when it comes to paper, glitter, cutouts, letterpress, embellishments and whatever else you use to scrapbook, I just freak out. It's like I don't know what to do. I think that is why I decided to sign up for this. I want to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone. And by signing up for something where other people are relying on me, it forces completion. Yay! Win win. So let me explain what this Valentine Exchange is. Basically, you sign up and the host blogger e-mails you addresses of 5 other people who signed up and you send them a homemade valentine. You will receive 5 valentines in exchange. It's hosted by a blogger I just started following: Ever So Lovely. She has a lovely blog full of, well....all things lovely. Here's the link to her Valentine Exchange is case you feel so inclined (tomorrow is the last day). I think I will create something computer aided mixed with tangible what-nots. Happy crafting!

Image via Flickr
These cookies are my inspiration, can you say AMAZING?

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