Jan 1, 2011

Here's to 2011! Happy New Year!

Almost Famous Cinnamon Rolls

I'm sitting here New Year's Day and I'm still in my pajamas...doing nothing. I ate a brownie for breakfast and had some orange soda for lunch. La dolce vita!! I have a list of a thousand things that need checking off, but I'm bringing in the new year by ignoring it. The closet can wait to be cleaned out and organized, the rotten food in the fridge won't care if it sits another day. My house is actually clean and I did the laundry yesterday. Today, I am going to relax. Maybe I'll make some cinnamon rolls for dinner. Happy New Year!
Photo via Flickr

PS: I'm having regrets I didn't make this for new year's! It would have been so awesome.

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The Bucks said...

That would have been awesome, almost as awesome as "Naked New Years"!