Dec 7, 2010

Christmas Ornaments...

When Chris and I were first married, we started an ornament tradition. Each Christmas, we get an ornament that represents a highlight, favorite memory or something significant from that year. It's been so exciting to decorate the tree because we get to pull out each ornament and relive the memories every year! Here's our ornaments:

"The Bride & Groom"
This one represents our marriage on May 13. Definitely the highlight of the year.

"Life Jacket"
The orange life jacket represents the year we both worked at Bear Lake over the summer. We played so hard! We love Bear Lake and have so many memories there!

"Little Red Scooter"
Oh the scooter! How I miss it. We borrowed a friend's scooter and literally knew we had to have one. So we shopped around and found a cute, red scooter and named it "Skippy". We drove that thing everywhere and have so memories. Sadly, not too long ago, we sold Skippy because Chris found this and I found this. Just building more memories :)

"The Crab" and "The Elephant"
Even though we went to Thailand in January, we figured it would still be the highlight of our year. We spent almost a month traveling the country and just the other night we were still reminiscing about all the memories! Sticky rice and mangos, fresh pineapple, pad thai chicken, crazy train rides, tuk tuks and the crabs on the beach during our midnight trek on phi phi island. They were all OVER! And, of course, elephants. We had a couple rides with elephants and an elephant even picked me up.

"Chinese Animals"
These represent our trip to China. In the Chinese Zodiac, every year has a different animal. I am the PIG and Chris is the ROOSTER. Which one are you?

It's fun for me to think about the ornaments we'll collect over the years. What will 2011 bring?

Hope your holiday decorating is going fabulous!


Mandy said...

That's such a fun tradition! I might just have to steal that idea!

Shels said...

LOVE the ornaments-how sentimental!
I wonder what the next one will be?

Cordie said...

How fun!

Keri said...

I blog stalked you off of sis-in- laws blog. Love your ornaments you and Chris were married on my birthday. My chinese sign is the horse and Darin is the Lion. We have some jade ornaments my parents got for us from China. Love your blog you have lots of fun ideas!

Keri said...

I guess Darin would be the tiger. I swear it was a lion.