Nov 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Well, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as fabulous as mine. We had a nice turkey dinner with Chris' family on Thursday. I was assigned the sweet potatoes and a relish tray. Then, we spent the rest of the weekend in Bear Lake. One of my favorite memories was my nieces and nephews putting on plays for the adults to watch. It is so fun to watch them grow up. It seems like yesterday they were babies. And now they are putting on silly plays, it's awesome. The play pictured below is titled, "The Fatsos" (or something like that). They were fat people that tried working out, but then decided to just go eat ice-cream. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Other fun memories include the game Would You Rather? Have you ever played that? I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There are questions such as, would you rather have your theme song play anytime you walked or have mood lighting everywhere you went? Or, would you rather travel the world or build your dream house? It provided some great discussion and great fun! It would be a clever Christmas gift for a family.

Still in the Thanksgiving spirit, here's my thankful list:

1. My sweet, loving husband who makes life awesome
2. A loving family who takes care of each other
3. My Savior, Jesus Christ.
4. Pepper Jelly
5. A nice, warm home
6. Good friends
7. Inspiring blogs that keep my creativity flowing
8. Winter boots
9. The opportunity to have a good education and good jobs
10. My Nikon

Happy Christmas Shopping!!

I bought this little cardigan as an early Christmas gift....for myself
I really want this book...because I'm kind of obsessed lately.

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