Nov 5, 2010

Life As We Know It

Oh, hello blogworld, I didn't see you there. I have definitely missed blogging so I'm hoping to start posting regularly. Life gets busy you see, but I'm sure you know that. So, here's our life in a couple paragraphs:

Chris is back in school. After supporting us while I finished school and then a little while after my graduation, he is back in it. He going to BATC and doing the E-commerce program, which will take about 10 months. He debated what he should study for a long time and bounced between Mechanical Engineering and Business, but I really think he found the perfect thing. He has already taken a computer apart and put it back together. You all know his mechanical skills and how easily he figures things out so I wasn't really surprised to come home and find a computer in pieces. If he's not working on cars, jet-skis, boats, etc. it might as well be computers...right? Along with learning the innards of a computer, he'll learn the business side of the internet then he'll learn code and then from there, we will rule the world. See our plan? It's starting to form.

Chris also rocked the XTERRA triathlon!!! I am so proud. We had trained all summer for a bear lake triathlon which was canceled, so we signed up for the XTERRA in Sept. About a month before the tri, I pulled both my quads in a softball game (lame!) so I wasn't able to train anymore, but Chris really pulled through. He swam 1/2 mile, mountain biked 12 miles and ran 3 miles. The bike and run were mostly uphill. He literally amazed me.

Perhaps the best news of all, besides school, is he is growing his mustache out. Let me know what you think.

I am still working as a web designer and it has really changed my life. It's kind of weird that I write that because it sounds so dumb, but it's true. As you know, it's a fitness company and so I've become heavily involved in some fitness opportunities. First, there was Ragnar. You know what that is, right? Well, if you don't, you can click here to find out. I have never really been a fitness person and doubted my ability, but signed up for the free apparel. Yep, got tons and tons of FREE workout gear! Got paid to train for Ragnar, conquered Ragnar, and now I'm a runner (kind of). The next opportunity is something I can't really tell you a lot about. Really. It's TOP-SECRET. But what I can share with you, is that it's a fitness product that will compete with P90X and Insanity. I'm part of a test group that gets to workout with a personal trainer everyday and follow a clean nutrition plan. It is amazing, but so hard. I miss pizza, candy, bajio, taco bell, fries, doughnuts and basically sugar in general. I have never "dieted" although, I hesitate to call this a diet. It sounds too empty. The meal plan was organized by a nutrition expert, so I'm getting plenty of what I need and nothing of what I don't need. Lots of fruits, veggies, grains, fiber, protein, water, etc. And I feel great! Lots of energy to keep me going through the intense workouts. (I will soon let you in on the secret when the commercial airs).

That is basically our life. School, work and fitness. Who knew?

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Johnna Jayne said...

This explains why you weren't even going to eat a kit-kat for Halloween. I was worried about you, I thought you had become allergic to candy!