May 12, 2010


{This post is especially for my good friend Britt}

China! Where to begin? I was reading our last post about how we didn't know what to expect on our trip to China and I have to laugh because even with all the reading and research about the culture and country, none of that prepared me for the REAL China. Well, maybe we didn't experience the REAL China, but we got around and did get to experience many different parts. Here are a few highlights:

- Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong at night (spectacular!)
- An old woman coming up to me in the middle of the street, grabbing my arm and lovingly (or so I guess) speaking Chinese and then she walked away. I have no idea what she said, but I wish I did
- Peeing in a trough dug into the ground in a stall with no door
- Bamboo boat ride down the Li River with the amazing Yangshuo mountains all around us
- Eating dog. Literally
- Squatty potty on a moving train
- The Giggling Tree's breakfast (our guesthouse in Yangshuo) Toast, butter, jam, scrambled eggs, fresh orange juice, fresh fruit and a slice of cheese.
- Talking with our local guides about their life and teaching Steven (my favorite guide) to call Bill Clinton "Slick Willy" to his American clients
- Getting grabbed by the tiny Chinese girls working in the shops and not letting me go until I make them an offer on a purchase
- Hiking along a steep stone path up into the hills of Longji to see the rice terraces and stay the night in the village (It was like a 4 star hotel up there which amazed us!!)
- Riding the old Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
- Sitting on a curb by a busy intersection watching the madness
- Riding a bike over little cobblestone paths alongside the Yangshuo farmhouses and rice fields in the misty rain with no worries in the world
- Hiking 9 miles along the Great Wall of China on a beautiful day!
- Getting robbed (not literally beaten or anything) by a rickshaw driver our last day in China
- Mr. Shi's dumplings

There were many more highlights, but those stand out as I write. I will post some pics from our first destination, Hong Kong.

Such a beautiful skyline!!

This was at the top of the Peak Tram. We were so disappointed because of the fog, but I think the best part was the ride up!!

This is how steep the cable car ride was to the top. You can see the tree outside the window, it's straight up and down, then our car is wicked sideways. You do the math.

This was the pool that we never swam in but had to get a picture by cuz the view is awesome!

There are a lot of weird things here. And this is basically what all the streets smell like.

We tried out a local favorite: Dim Sum. Chris has some gristle in his mouth and that's maybe why he looks like he's about the break into a sweat, or puke.

So cool.

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Brittney Wimmer said...

Freak... that's all I have to say. I'm so freaking jealous. I hope you guys had a good time. I'm anxious to talk about it with you guys and really pick it apart. I'm dying to know what you really thought about everything. It makes me miss China so much. By the way, you guys are the freaking shiz. Seriously. I love that you actually bought tickets and went. Ahhhhh! I love you guys!

Brittney said...

OH MY!!! That looks like a blast! So fun! Micah and I looked at your pictures, and were so jealous! And just at the mention of dim sum made my mouth water! Glad you had fun!

Shels said...

What an adventure! Seriously, so cool!