Jan 20, 2010

Halloween '09

In case you are not my facebook friend which means you are seriously disturbed, you probably have not seen these pictures but I didn't want you to feel left out. I mean, look at us. We dressed up as Chazz Michael Michaels & Jimmy McElroy from Blades of Glory. We're kind of a big deal. We went to a party in Bear Lake where they had a Halloween "walk-off." You had to come up with some performance and then the winner got some sweet prizes. Do I even need to mention that we won. How could you have doubted that?

Our performance included a mixed CD of the Blades of Glory soundtrack, roller blades, choreography, laser lights & a fog machine. Need I say more? (and lots of bedazzles)

Oh yah, here are some creepy deviled eggs that we made for the party.

We're slowly but surely catching you up on our lives for the past couple of months.


Chelsie said...

That spandex get-up is hilarious! Where in the world did you get it and how did you get Chris to wear it?

Matt and Suzanne said...

Seriously. You are as crazy as ever, I love it! I would've paid dinero to see that performance.

Cache Decker said...

Your welcome sister!