Aug 3, 2009

Weekend Trip to Lava Hot Springs...

Remember my birthday last year??
Well this weekend tops it if you can believe it! haha. No flat tires and a little adventure, just what I like. We decided last minute to pack the scooter on the back of my Dad's truck and head for Lava Hot Springs to camp for a night and then see what else we could find to do. For being such a white trash little town, it was kinda fun!

We had this great little camping spot.

And I'm embarrassed to say we haven't had our camping gear out in almost 2 years!! That is crazy because we both like to camp, but summers are just really busy and it seems we never have the time to do it, but I was glad we could finally get it out.
We were excited for a fire and bought some firewood from the campground we stayed at.

The wood would catch fire, then go out. It was still pretty green, so that was fun! haha. We finally got it to burn for a couple hours and did s'mores.

I was wondering why the guy asked if we had kids when we checked in. Apparently, if you don't have small children you get the site with a cliff nearby :) I liked it and was very tempted to jump off but chickened out!

Chris was not tempted, didn't even want to try it out.

Maybe I'll just repel down into the water by this rope.

It was nice having the scooter, we'd drive into town on that or down to the bathrooms :) Then when we tubed the river, we parked the truck at one end and drove the scooter w/the tube to the other end.

Happy 26th! Yikes, I am getting old, but I still feel so very young :)
We were so excited about the water shoes, okay not really, we are being dorks here. I have never really worn water shoes cuz they're kinda geeky, but I was really glad we had them.

We did the double tube and it was so much fun!!!

Here's Chris going down the big one. We'd both gone down earlier and didn't have any problems, but I think it was a bad idea for him to go alone on the double tube. I don't know, you decide?

The battle wounds! His arm is all scraped up among other body parts not pictured here.....It's never an adventure unless you get beat up if you ask me! This river was a blast and most of the time it is very relaxing and there are little hot pools you can stop at and sit in. Tons of fun!


Mandy said...

Ok I just have to say that I LOVE your header picture. It looks like a car ad or something.

Cache Decker said...

So fun to see your adventures!
Hope it was a good birthday sis!!

case said...

Floating the river at Lava is always a good time. I don't think Mel and I will make it this year.

Bryant and Jodi said...

Happy Late Birthday! It sounds like it was a blast. Your still super young!!!

Team Lyon said...

Lewy, that was some nice style on the tube off the falls. Probably a good thing you didn't jump off the cliff by your campsite.