Aug 9, 2009

Chris' 10 yr HS reunion

Yep! 10 years! That is just nuts. Here are all the people from the class of '99 that attended. They had it at the Ranch Hand in 'pelier, so classy I know, but it was really fun to see everyone and it was a very entertaining time!

Here's some of our group eating our fabulous dinner :)

Andrea, Toto & Richard :)

The Arnell's, they drove ALL the way from the Oregon coast and we were excited to hang out and see them cuz it had been way too long!

The Buckaroo's!

Parks, John & his wife :)

The Lewy's

We decided the reunion just wasn't enough fun and we needed to have an after party and we were all down for the Bear Lake Dance Place just for good 'ole times, but there was a certain "debbie downer" of the group who will remain anonymous.......

Lauren, Star, Chev & me gettin' our model on.
Now if you can turn your head a little.......yeah just like that.

The boys.....

If you are a recent HS grad, this is what you could look like in 10 years....

How did they get so lucky???

The bonfire after party. Star, Lauren & Andrea lookin' cute!

Parks, Lewy, Chev & Star.

Good times.

Thanks to all my husband's great friends & their awesome wives for making it a great time! We had a blast hanging out with everyone and I know Chris enjoyed snuggling Tuescher on the camping adventure and staying up til all hours of the night! It was so great to see everyone!!


Mandy said...

Steve was pretty excited to find out he wasn't a whole lot older than EVERYONE in the ward. He graduated in '98 so I just told him Chris graduated in '99 so he's not that far behind.

Brittney Wimmer said...

Gosh we freakin love you guys! I LOVE the new header! Those pics of you guys are freakin sweet! We're seriously missing you guys and ready for some serious camping or boating or bbq'a or all of the above. I'm trying to bribe Landon into going home earlier. I'll let you know how things go.

Matt and Suzanne said...

Jen!! So it's your long lost roomie Suz. I found your blog through and your hubby are so stinking cute! Speaking of reunions I'd love to have one with you girls. You look as happy as ever~LOVE IT!