May 18, 2009

Junk Sale!

Saturday we had the great pleasure of doing a yard sale in Montpelier. Mother had 50 years of junk to sell. We cleaned out her garage, closets, store room and even went underneath the house to get a few items. We even added a few things as well.

Yes people are already there at 6:45, it was not supposed to start untill 7 am. We were still trying to get stuff out.

Mother and I watching the money.

Near the end of the day we made a FREE table to try and get people to haul off the junk no one would buy. Some of the stuff, people wouldn't even take for free.

All in all the yard sale was a huge success. Who knew that the people in Montpelier loved junk (haha). We made about $150 and Mother pulled in $400. The few things that didn't sell we hauled off to the DI and the dump.


Team Lyon said...

Lewy Lew! Is your head shaved? Lookin pretty mean at the money table, I like it. Nothing like a good old fashioned junk sell in Montpelier. I miss mother Lewis, send her some love for me, and save a little for yourself.

Anonymous said...

And some she hauled to my house!! Oh and just FYI, I am not sure i like the bald on you, no offence!

miami said...

Good work guys. Also just to let you know, I have put your other $155 in the mail today!! So be looking for it! Congrats.