Apr 2, 2009

Update on The Journey:

Well, hello everybody. I'm such a horrible blogger, but unapologetic at the same time, cuz we've been busy!! I am here to update everyone on the JOURNEY. We hold ourselves accountable because our GOALS are actually floating around the BLOG world!

So far, I am quite proud of ourselves. Chris is down almost 10 lbs and we've been hitting the gym at least 3 times a week. This is great for us! The problem we've been finding; as in most of our lives, I'm sure, is balance. A good balance of everything that is good for us is hard to do. We don't even have any children yet and it's hard!! It seems when you are doing good at one thing, something else is lacking......so our challenge has been finding a good balance between physical, spiritual, family and work and creating good habits. We are motivated to stay on track and we've definitely made some good changes that are sure to stick. All in all, it's definitely been a JOURNEY :)


miami said...

Great job LOSERS!

Shels said...

congrats! I agree with you about finding a balance-it seems to be the key to everything!