Feb 9, 2009

Join us....on The Journey through 2009

Chris and I came back from Thailand and realized it was a new year! Aaaah! Somehow, reality escaped us and we forgot all about New Year's resolutions! I'm not usually one for resolutions, i'd actually rather call them a set-up-for-failure plan because you know they never get accomplished no matter how good your intentions were.

Well, it's a new year and anything is possible, right? I have delayed blogging this post just to see how well we are doing, but we have surprised myself even in a short week. I am probably getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we committed to ourselves and to each other (
and now to this blog world) to go on THE JOURNEY.....which is comprised of two parts.

Part 1: Physical Journey

Now, if you know us well, you might be laughing. That's ok, but we are going to get our bodies more in shape. Chris and I have different goals for this area, but we've written them down and are committed to achieving them. All in all, get in better shape.

Part 2: Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual journey is getting our spirits more in shape. We will be doing more reading, more studying, more understanding of the scriptures and gospel principles, and hopefully growing closer to Jesus Christ on our way there.

Now, that doesn't sound that hard, right? As long as we can do more than we did last year, I will consider these goals accomplished! We have written down pretty specific goals for each part of our journey and they are different from each other. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who will be there to help motivate me!

Well, now it's blogged........so there's no going back.


The Bucks said...

I think that Brandon and I should go on your journey with you! Good luck! Let us know when you are coming up, we would love to have you.

Cordie said...

I agree with Megan, we also need to jump on board with both of those goals. Let me know at the end of the year how you executed and finished. I am in such a rut physically and sadly spiritually!

Cache Decker said...

Deckers are in--- Loves.

Cache Decker said...

It is actually MIAMI, but you probably guessed that!!:)