Dec 29, 2008

Post Christmas Post

So I think I'm finally over the shock of graduation and can finally get back to blogging! These past two weeks have been packed FULL of non-stop fun family activities. Here are the pictures to prove it. We were so busy that poor Chris is really tuckered out! (This is him at this very moment). We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! (this counts as our Christmas card!)
We started the festivities with a bowling match! Jeff, Ang & the boys came over from Garden City and we had a great time!! Jeff & I tied the second game with a whoppin' 147!!
We played a lot with our niece McKelly Belly, she is such a cutie and very at home at the dinner table....and we were glad her and my Sis could come out for awhile:)
Tradition lived on as the McPhie sisters made the famous "Pepper Jelly". It's a top-secret recipe or I'd post it. It consists of jalepenos, green peppers, vinegar, TONZ of sugar and pectin. Sounds crazy but is best topped on cream cheese & a triscuit!! YUMMO!

More traditions lived on........Popcorn balls!! Popcorn, marshmallow & crushed peppermint.
Do you think we look like twins cuz we've never gotten that before!

McPhie Family Gift Exchange: It's been a tradition since forever. We draw names and set a price limit and then exchange them Christmas Eve.
The carousing continues as hosts of the Talent Show; Doris (funky fresh New York) and her favorite doll, "Creepy," get ready for their presentation. We don't have any real talents so we opt for being funny instead.
It's our famous "Ventriloquist Act" if you're wondering...
Let the games begin: Poor Chris was embedded into a competitive family, I mean EVERYTHING is a competition. We can't just tube and have fun, there are stop-watches involved, winners, losers, teams, punishments....the whole dealio. The objective of tubing here was Player 1 tubed down, as soon as he/she passes a certain point, Player 2 could begin meanwhile Player 1 ran his/her tube up to Player 3 who then finishes the race; all timed of course. Unfortunately, this was the winning team even with a handicap...(chris) Just kidding love you babe.
Christmas morning at the Carlsen's!!! I am wearing my new snowmobile coat that Chris got me!!! I cannot wait to test it out as soon as I get over this sickness!! It was a total and complete surprise and I LOVE IT! I need one so bad so I don't look homeless while snowmobiling anymore! I gotta step it up and make sure people know it's a girl riding, hence the pink.

Chris' new love, a new GPS thingy for our car. I know how he stresses new areas so I thought it was the perfect gift :)

The Lewis'


Jaimee said...

Looks like some wild times! You have a cute family! I love your coat too...good choice Chris! Hope you have a happy new year! O and I'll be sure to tell Katie about the bridal thing! She mentioned it to Kristen one time so maybe you guys could do it together like Randi and I did!!!

miami said...

I have been waiting for you to post new pics & stories! Looks great! We had such a fun time! Thanks for being a great host family, for taking me everywhere, and for feeding me. I love you both.

Jarae said...

Jen!!!! Hi my long lost roomie. HOw long ago was that???? Hmmm, forever ago. You guys look like you are doing so great. Congrats on the graduation. Also you look beautiful by the way. I'm glad you guys have a blog so I know what is going on in your life.

Cordie said...

You guys always have so much fun, holidays or not!