Nov 29, 2008

Turkey Day & Rat Hunt!

Well we had a great Thanksgiving! Hopefully you all did too. We ate tons and probably gained 25 lbs, but who cares??!! It's the holidays, right? For a pre-Thanksgiving celebration we were in Boise where we got together with the majority of the McPhie's. Then we headed up to North Canyon to be with the Lewis/Sparks families on Thanksgiving day. We stuffed ourselves for the second time and then it was off on a rat hunt!

Apparently, there was a pack-rat living in the shed and it was time to get him. You can see all the stuff he packed into the hood of this snowmobile!
They scared him out of the shed and none other than the mighty Rat Hunter got 'em.

Then it was inside for a little taffy making by Mother, and some farkel with the Carlsen's!
Then we busted out the Taboo and had a riot of a time.


Cordie said...

Sounds like a good time! I am loving your hair, maybe I should cut mine again.

The Bucks said...

Thanks for getting together with us this week, it was fun! That rat is disgusting! Taffy pulling brings back some great memories for me, maybe I should try to make some myself, yeah right!

Jaimee said...

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Glad you had a fun time and looks like we weren't alone in the weight gaining department!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm. . I love playing hangman on your blog! I'm addicted! ha ha ha! And, yes, John is living with while he's off track. He's going to BYU-I and doesn't go to school from August through December. He's starts up again in Jan. It's been fun having him here. He's a riot!
Love your hair, by the way. You always look so HOTTT! ;-)

Brittney said...

Looks like fun! But crazy- Rat hunt! That thing looked huge! Good job on getting it caught! And jealous of the taffy making I have always wanted to try... seems like giant playdough!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I wish i had some taffy, lucky! That is what i miss the most about living next door to grandma! I should tell her to send me a batch for xmas! I could really use some for my pregnancy sweet tooth right now! I am glad i got to see you and that you all had fun!