Apr 17, 2008

Spring Snowmobiling

We had the chance to go snowmobiling last Saturday with some friends; Mark & Kristen Hirschi on the left and our hippie friends Bryn & Quin Bingham. We went to the Sinks and up to St. Charles peak. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and we had a lot of fun enjoying the spring snow.
Chris catchin' some air.

Don't jump the rentals!

Jen carvin'.


Somer said...

HEY CUZ! You seriously have the most fun life. I can tell you're just lovin' being married and you two are so dang cute! love ya.

The Bucks said...

We need to come down and go snowmobiling with you guys before it's too late.

Cordie said...

I love Maroon 5! So since we both live in Logan why don't we hang out???? Let's go to dinner sometime!

Kolby & Diana Romrell said...

Hey chris
I saw your blog on shad and tori's. If ya want to see our blog e-mail me @ nanna_bear_2000@yahoo.com and i will invite you to my blog