Mar 17, 2008

Trip to the Big Apple

Wow! I can't believe it's come and gone already! Let me tell you, New York is seriously one Heck of a Town! It's absolutely amazing and pictures don't do it justice! It has a unique aura about it and the atmosphere is one of a kind. We spent our days figuring out the intriguing subway system, bargaining on Canal street, enjoying the sights and our evenings ducking into cozy cafes for ice cream or hot chocolate, dancing and enjoying the sights and sounds of New York. It was absolutely fabulous, yet nothing that we expected. There were a few things that surprised us:

1. Service is spectacular...EVERYWHERE! Bellhops, elevator men, waitresses, fast food, everyone! Oh, contrar in Logan.

2. Locals are the nicest and friendliest people ALIVE! (even to tourists) If you ever have a map out, someone will stop and spend a few minutes helping you get where you need to go.

3. Everyone has a dog and everyone walks their dogs, there are MILLIONS of dogs!

4. You hear a car/taxi HONK about every .3 seconds, seriously! It's borderline INSANITY. And sirens flare every 10 seconds.

5. There are no gas stations located in inner Manhattan, you have to travel to the outskirts to fill up.

6. There are very few fat people, old people or children, probably because they can't survive the mile-a-minute lifestyle.

This might be a long post as we did SO many different things, but after 6 days we felt we did all we wanted! Disclaimer: during the third day of our trip, Chris accidentally deleted ALL our photos! haha! So we actually backtracked and did some things twice just so we could get a picture. Some things we will not have a photo of (like the empire state building)! OOps!

DAY 1:

*Thai food in China Town, which was absolutely delicious! I don't venture out with foreign foods because of my food allergies to nuts (among other things) which are deadly. My professor made sure the peanuts in the pad Thai chicken were 86'ed. Coconut chicken curry yummy soup, chicken on a stick, YUMMMMO!

*Little Italy cafe for gelato

*Empire State building at night for a dreamy view of Manhattan's skyscrapers all lit up.

*Limo ride down Broadway and through Times Square back to our hotel! Fabulous!

DAY 2:

*Staten Island Ferry, saw Statue of Liberty.

*Wall Street then we hopped over to Pier 17 which had a grande view of the Brooklyn Bridge and we ate some Chinese.

*Metropolitan Museum of Art, very huge!

*A night out on Broadway, we went to see Xanadu which was hilarious, witty and entertaining! I'd recommend it to everyone!
*Cafe for hot chocolate & cheesecake:)

DAY 3:

*6:30 am session in Manhattan temple, yes we ARE crazy, but it was such a needed break from the city! While we were waiting for our train to go uptown, this crazy lady was swearing F*** this and F*** that and "you're here spying on me, you F***** spies trying to take me to jail, well F*** you!" all the while behind us. I could feel her staring at us. The whole subway ride, that's all we heard. That was the only time I ever felt nervous in the city. It was such a relief to get off the subway, walk across the street and enter the doors of the temple! I have never seen a more friendlier face than the man that was there to greet us, "Welcome to the temple!" he said! I about started crying because I was just soooo happy to be there! The temple was marvelous and breathtaking!

*Grand Central station, Rockefeller center, Radio City hall, St. Patrick's cathedral, NBC studios.

*By this point in our trip, our legs were exhausted and we hadn't got much sleep, so we tucked into our hotel for a well needed nap.

*Later that evening, we went to Times Square and back to the temple to snap a picture. On the subway afterwards Chris had the oops with our pictures! What can ya do, though? Well, we backtracked a little bit:)

DAY 4:

*Canal Street, probably one of the highlights of our trip! Here is a mini dialogue of what happens on Canal Street:

JEN (stop and look at something)
ASIAN LADY (approach)
ASIAN LADY "You like?"
JEN "How much?"
ASIAN LADY "For you, $12"
(Jen, walk away)
ASIAN LADY "You, first customa, $10"
JEN "No thanks"
ASIAN LADY "How much you pay?"
JEN "$8"
ASIAN LADY "Okay, $8"

And that is how you bargain on Canal Street, I'm pretty much a playwright too.

*We visited to World Trade Center sight and it was devastating. I was under the impression that there was a nice grassy memorial sight where the twin towers used to be, but in this video, you will be painstakingly shocked.

*We almost saw the President! He was in mid-Manhattan this day and we missed him by minutes. His helicopter flew over us while we were on the Staten Island Ferry (for the second time), but we did see his motorcade. THAT was exciting!

*Central Park, then shopping, shopping & more shopping!

*Night out on the town at WEBSTER'S hall for some DANCIN'. We received front-of-the-line tickets from our hotel, it was fun dealing with a real club bouncer and this place was awesome! 3 floors of music, hip-hop downstairs, remix pop on the middle and salsa downstairs. It was truly fun to get out and dance with my baby! All sorts of ethnicities plus drag-queens, so much FUN!

DAY 5:

*lazy day, went to Museum of Natural History (where they filmed Night at the Museum)

*Rode a couple of buses around for the heck of it, just so we could experience something a little more above ground than the subways! Traffic was a little scary and insane, yet the bus managed to squeeze (within inches) between cars.

*Mexican grill for dinner and PINKBERRY (Yummo) for dessert.

DAY 6:

*We only had a half a day, so that involved packing, greasy new york pizza-by-the-slice, more pinkberry and exploring our block one last time before our van picked us up for the airport.

All in all, New York is a fabulous place to visit. There is so much to see and so much to do. Before we went, I thought I would fall in LOVE with New York, but there is nothing like HOME and the good old west where the wide open spaces are appreciated and treasured. I am not sure if I would be able to live there, perhaps temporarily. I could definitely go back and visit.


Carrie said...

It's amazing isn't it? Your trip sounds a lot like ours a couple years ago. . .I couldn't live there but it's fun to see the inner city NY culture. So sad about the picture mis-hap! I love vacations~ so happy you had fun!

The Bucks said...

I'm glad that you guys had a good time. I don't think I would handle a big city very well, I have a nervous stomach. You guys look like you fit in pretty well. I'm jealous that you got to go the temple!

Team Lyon said...

Hey, hey, hey, welcome back! It looks like a wild and crazy time out there. The wife and I would love to go out there sometime. I enjoyed the videos, good idea. And nice work on the early temple session. Even though we're not in Logan I missed you guys welcome back.

The Parks Fam said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST!! I am jealous, I am in much need of a vacation. New York is a little crazy isn't it, I definitely couldn't live there. Heck, the traffic here drives me crazy, I can't imagine there! Thanks for posting all these fun pictures!

TORI, SHAD, AND TY said...


Ashlee said...

Looks and sounds so fun! The good old days with out kids!!! JK we still travle a lot but I would never take my kids there tell they were older. And yes I did cut my bangs. THey were driving me crazy!

Cordie said...

I want to go to New York someday! Looks like a blast. I found the world trade center video to be interesting, thanks for posting and the pizza looks so good!!

Arnells said...

SO Jealous! Looks like you guys had a blast, and you saw so many attractions! Keep livin it up!