Feb 23, 2008

Island Park

Day 3: We started out with a delightful breakfast at Pond's Lodge in Last Chance, Idaho. Then we sent the women home to do their quilting and their knitting, or whatever else women do (talk about their husbands), then the men headed out on a MAN-ride. We unloaded in Island Park and were practically lost as soon as we left the truck. Apparently these guys didn't get any better with the maps. The so-called "guide" led us through some magnificent country, but had no idea how we got there, or how to get us home! We decided to follow some cross-country skier tracks thinking that crazy hippie couldn't be too far from his/her Subaru, but we ended up dropping off cliffs, driving through creeks, cutting down trees and doing some serious boon-docking (that is one crazy hippie!) before we figured out it was the wrong way. I expected to find that hippie frozen at the bottom of a ravine. We made a phone call to the women telling them we would probably be spending the night in the mountains because we were LOST! Jen thought I was joking. After trying every direction, prayers were answered and we followed some snowmobile tracks that led us to a trail that eventually led to the highway. We were closer to West Yellowstone than Island Park. We had to ride 9 miles down the highway to our truck (fortunately, it had been snowing all day and the roads were snow covered). 11 hours and 75 miles later, we were able to make it home. Notice the time we ate dinner, and yes, that is PM.

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Jen and Chris said...

I left out the best part: I high-marked a brand new ski-doo 800xp (supposedly the best snow-mobile on the market) on my 2005 Arctic Cat M7. Raise the roof, whoo whoo!