Feb 21, 2008

Island Park

Day 1: We drove up to the cabin and it is sooo beautiful! We are staying here with 5 other couples and we are, by far, the youngest. Haha! We went for a snowmobile ride right away and let me tell you, we are not with talented map-readers! We tried to find Mesa Falls, but we ended up driving in circles until we finally headed back to the cabin. All in all, it was beautiful scenery and we had a good time. We played some air hockey, pool, ping pong then relaxed in the hot tub. It is heaven here and time is flying by!

Here we are in front of the cabin getting ready for a fun ride!
This was me in the far orange coat just after I jumped a creek on my machine! That was an adrenaline rush!

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The Bucks said...

I'm impressed that you did that on a snowmobile. You must be tougher than you look.