Dec 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Murder Mystery New YearWe attended a 1920's themed Murder Mystery Party for New Years. My role was "Baroness Ravioli" mother of "Big Jim" Ravioli (the father of the Mob). I have lots of money and love to wear tiaras out in public. I was snooty and rude all night. Chris played "Inspector Neville". He inspected the murder of 5 people throughout the evening in hopes of cracking each case with his nifty difty magnifying glass. We were secretly having an affair together, and little did I know, he was stepping out on me with my son's ex-wife!
The Murder Mystery crew.
Amy played Carrie Crooner, my gold-digging daughter in-law and Cache played Al Capone, the hitman for the family. Super Fun!


The Bucks said...

I am so glad that I can comment on your blog now. That party looks like a lot of fun. I love dressing up!

Arnells said...

You guys look great! That looks like a fun idea/party! Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!!

Cordie said...

I wish our murder mystery party would have been more fun! Yours looks like a blast and I bet Chris was hilarious!